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Weekly Round-Up: 5th - 12th November
Weekly Round-Up: 5th - 12th November

Hello all, it’s good to be back. I, KITclub, would like to celebrate the week’s performances and whatever else is current in the club. Let me know if you want anything mentioned. While a lot of the longer distance triathletes are busy with their base training programmes, there’s still plenty of action going on.

So what’ve you all been up to?

The Sodbury Slog 

I don’t know if you know this, but this is kind of a big deal....round these parts.

A fair number of KIT triathletes (KITTers? - I’ll work on the collective noun), spent their Sunday morning trudging around the South Gloucestershire countryside. This is apparently enjoyable, as all who took part were in great spirits. There was also an obstacle called the Pigs Trough, which would probably have killed a pig if they ever decided to take up the fare on offer. Pictures included show that most sunk to the depths of the mud during the run, and others sunk even deeper in the pub afterwards.

Club members who took part were Eric Downey, Kev Owen, Chris Gardner, Nick Graham, Kelly Smith, Paul Woodward, Leon Baker, Steven Baker, Dave Smith, Dawn Gardner, Scott Lee Stacey, Chris Barnes, Ash Dunn, Mike Parsons, Stuart Brazington, Ian Powell, Sharon Herniman and Derek Johnson (list is probably not exhaustive, sorry if I’ve left you out). But streaking ahead and taking the spoils for KIT was the shy and retiring Matt Pang, 38th overall. Well done to all involved.