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Swim Analysis with Jon Wood

Club members were given the opportunity to a 15 minute Swim Analysis session with Jon Burrage at the Triathlon Shop. Here are a few words from Eric Downey on the sessions."Thanks to Jon Burrage for hosting Kingswood Tri Club in the Triathlon Shop's endless Pool and John Wood for his clear and concise pointers on our swim stroke and with our personal video commentary, we can work on our weaknesses to make us faster for the forthcoming 2017 Tri sea...

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Green Man/boy Ultra

Last weekend saw many members participate in the Green Man and Green Boy ultra run. A grueling 45 and 30 mile off road run around the perimeter of Bristol. Well done to all who took part and for those who spectated.Here are some highlights:Nice to see that the members of the village people took part in the race.A great run by Stu but just pipped to the post by a random stray dog.Desmond doing has best caterpillar impressionI don't know if many kn...

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