Championships and Awards 2016

What is it?

An opportunity for Kingswood Triathlon Club members to enter 2 different championships awarded which will be awarded to best male and best female athletes. The Championships will run from the date of the first Chilly Duathlon – 21st February to the end of season Chilly Duathlon on 20th November 2016. Winners will be announced at the Christmas Party in December. There are two categories - Overall champions regardless of age – who will be recognised as the best triathletes in the club in 2016 and Age Group Champions - using a weighting formula for age.

How does it work?

We have chosen 7 different multisport event types. You can enter any of these as often as you wish but only your best score will count for each of the 7 event types.

You must do at least 4 of the chosen event types to be considered for the championships.

Image by Katharine Downey

The event types are as follows

1. Aquathlon - any distance (Swim - run)
2. Duathlon - any distance (run - bike - run)
3. Sprint or super sprint, pool-based triathlon - (250-500m swim - bike - run)
4. Open-water sprint triathlon - (400-1000m swim - bike - run)
5. Olympic distance pool or open water triathlon - (1500m swim - bike – run)
6. Half Iron distance triathlon
7. Full Iron distance triathlon

You can do any event, anywhere during the period between the set dates. You MUST do at least 4 of the above events and your best 4 scores will count. Lowest cumulative score wins. If a tie occurs, the result of the event you have both completed will be reviewed by the committee and a decision will be made as to who wins. The higher up the field you finish and the bigger the field, the lower the points you will score for the overall championship. For the age-graded championship the higher up the field you finish, the bigger the field AND the older you are the lower the points you will score.

How do I join in?

You must email your intention to compete by sending your name and DOB to Neil Kerfoot at prior to your first event. You can enter at any time in the year but events will only count on or after the date of the email. Once on the list all you have to do is send Neil an email after the event once the results are available online. This should include your name, the name of the race, what event you have done from the 7 above and a link to the results page. A spreadsheet will be used to work out your points and if they are lower than previous attempts at that event they will be altered. It will not be possible to monitor all races so only notified results will count.

All you have to do is be a paid up club member, register, compete and, when you have stopped sweating, let us know your results. We will do the rest.